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Some good reasons to choose Symbiont as your "Self leadership coaching" partner?

   Our central focus in Self-Leadership is helping you become the best you can be and
      want to be.  It puts you in control of your life so that you can determine where you
      want to go and how you are going to get there.  


  Self-Leadership incorporates proven principles that will increase personal motivation. 
     It explores in depth dimensions of personal motivation that go to the very heart of success,
     but are often ignored or neglected.  


  Self-Leadership will help you surface your life values so that you can establish your life
    purpose and pursue it with confidence, skill and commitment.
  A structured goal-setting component including a personal/professional plan of action
     is a key component of Self-Leadership.      
  Self-Leadership combines learner-directed and facilitator led components that may
     be implemented in a group or one-on-one learning format. 

Contact us for a no obligation consultation to learn how Self-Leadership can help you and your people improve performance and achieve greater success and happiness. Phone: 860-283-9963 |


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