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Attribute Index - Personal Assessment Instrument

Over 50 years of scientific research has revealed that there are three distinct styles of decision-making. Each of us can make decisions in each of these three ways, but we tend to develop a preference for one more than the other two. This preference becomes a subconscious force, affecting the decisions we make on a daily basis and shapes how we perceive the world around us as well as how we perceive ourselves. The three decisional styles are the personal, practical and analytical.We each have a different balance of the three styles; that's what makes our decisions and actions unique. Developing an understanding of a your personal strengths and weaknesses will better enable you to bring about positive change in your life and achieve greater personal success. It is only by first understanding something that we are able to change it.

The Symbiont Attribute Index is a personal assessment tool that is based on the work of Robert S. Hartman who held Ph.D degrees in mathematics, philosophy and law. Dr. Hartman developed a simple, workable system for organizing the different ways in which human beings think. Dr. Hartman conducted extensive research, and he proposed that there are three basic ways in which we can perceive or think about anything in the world; as people, as things or as concepts. People (personal style) obviously refers to the category of individual persons. Things (practical style) represents any tangible, inanimate object, and Concepts (analytical style) has to do with our intangible mental awareness of thoughts and ideas. According to Dr. Hartman, any entity that a person can conceive of can be categorized into one of these three dimensions of thought.

Dr. Hartman also demonstrated that how we think about something has a direct correlation on how we value it. To value is to assign specific meaning, richness and importance of properties to something. We generally make valuations within each of these three dimensions of thought (i.e., people, things and concepts) in different ways. When valuing people, we generally focus on the individuality and uniqueness of the person. We concentrate on those aspects that make a person special. Dr. Hartman called this the Intrinsic Dimension of value. When valuing things, we generally focus on their application and usefulness, and Dr. Hartman labeled this valuation style as the Extrinsic Dimension of value. In valuing concepts, the emphasis is on the organization and structure of the concept, which Dr. Hartman called the Systemic Dimension of value.

Knowing the degree of emphasis a person places on the valuation of people, things and concepts can tell us a great deal about why people think and act as they do and can help identify natural talents and aptitudes (attributes) that result from a persons unique balance of thinking/decision-making preferences.Our approach is unique in that we measure where an individual is now and what his or her individual elements are. It is also outcome-based. Rather than simply providing information about a person's unique decision-making style, the Attribute Index profile is supported by a comprehensive action planning process that can help a person chart a course for increased success and happiness.

There are two phases in the Attribute Index process. Participants first complete an online a questionnaire in which they are asked to force-rank specific items and phrases relating to themselves and their environment. This is then followed by a personal debrief of each participants' profile (either in person or by telephone) to help them clearly understand the relevance of their results and to effectively identify and apply strategies for increased success in work and in life. All debrief interviews are conducted by certified Attribute Index facilitators. By understanding the way in which we think, it becomes possible to leverage that knowledge to make better decisions, maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses and achieve greater effectiveness in everything we do. When we gain this understanding for another person in an organizational setting, it increases understanding, allows for better utilization of skills and alignment of work, increases management efficiency and effectiveness, and can have a positive impact on the organizations overall health and performance.

Contact us for more information about the Attribute Index personal assessment instrument and to learn how you can receive a complimentary personal assessment. Phone: 860-283-9963 | get Attribute Index Assessment


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