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Values Index Personal Beliefs Assessment 

The Values Index ™ is a personal beliefs assessment instrument developed by Innermetrix, Inc. that helps people to understand and appreciate the unique mix of personal values which defines their attitudes and drives their behaviors. It is designed to help individuals identify their personal motivators in order to recognize why they do what they do, and guide them to achieve improved performance and satisfaction through better alignment between what they passionately believe and their daily interactions.  

The Values Index combines and builds on the work of Dr. Eduard Spranger and Dr. Gordon Allport into a single profile that delivers the world’s most comprehensive understanding of a person’s value structure and his or her motivational style. Values can play a major role in influencing behavior, but they often remain hidden to others because they are not readily observable. Understanding what really drives a person and satisfying those motivators is a crucial part of personal success.

 Research conducted by Innermetrix indicates that most successful people share the attribute of self-awareness. They are acutely aware of who they are and what drives them, and as a result, they are able to recognize those situations in which their intrinsic values can lead to success. They also understand their limitations. Because they know what does not inspire or motivate them, they can avoid those circumstances where they recognize that their inherent values will not be conducive to success. People who understand their natural motivators are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities, for the right reasons, and get the results the desire. 

The Pathways to Success

To reach optimal performance, you must understand WHAT natural talents you possess, WHY you are motivated to use them, and HOW you prefer to use them. The Values Index reviews the WHY portion of the What, Why, and How triad. By understanding WHY you prefer to behave as you do, you are able to better align your environment, select the work that ensures more meaning and success, and experience less stress in doing so.

 The Value Index measures seven dimensions of motivation:

 ·         Aesthetic – a drive for balance, harmony, beauty and form

·         Economic – a drive for financial or practical return on effort

·         Individualistic – a drive to stand out as independent and unique

·         Political – a drive to possess power, control or influence

·         Altruistic – a drive for humanitarian results and service to others

·         Regulatory – a drive for order, structure and routine

·         Theoretical – a drive for knowledge, earning and understanding


The Values Index is useful for understanding how to motivate yourself and others by understanding the reasons that drive individuals toward success. This information is especially helpful in employee development and in coaching scenarios for increasing employee engagement. Setting a goal that provides monetary rewards to someone with a high altruistic dimension, for example, will not likely deliver the anticipated motivation or inspire superior performance. Similarly, incentivizing a high economic with promises of improving society (assuming there is no obvious economic return) would not be an effective way to motivate that person.

The Values Assessment Instrument

The Innermetrix Values Index™ is an online click and drag assessment that asks a participant to rank a series of statements in decreasing order (from which applies most to which applies least) as the participant feels each relates to him or her. Each Values Index report comes with a personal debrief which includes the following:

·         A brief review of the science behind the Values Index profile

·         A closer look the seven value dimensions

·         An review of the participant’s overall value dimension profile

·         A details review of the participant’s results for each of the seven value dimensions

·         Implications of the participant’s value dimension profile

·         An analysis of the degree to which participants value profile may support success

·         An analysis of the degree to which participants value profile may limit success

The following diagram represents an example of a Valies Index Profile:


Contact us for more information about the Values Index personal beliefs assessment instrument and to learn how you can receive a complimentary personal assessment. Phone: 860-283-9963  get Values Index Assessment




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