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Training vs. Development

Training imparts basic, foundational knowledge necessary to bring learners up to a basic performance competency level.  It usually involves a formalized curriculum and a structured learning environment and can be applied to an unlimited range of disciplines to prepare individuals to effectively carry out job responsibilities, facilitate the accomplishment of personal performance goals and to prevent and solve problems To be effective, training initiatives should be straightforward, well-organized and have planned curriculums with clear expectations. Such programs can be systematically implemented throughout an organization, and it would be reasonable to expect that the training content would be adopted in a uniform and consistent manner by all learners who were exposed to it.

Development initiatives center on enhancing capabilities associated with current roles as well as preparing people for future responsibilities. As with training, there is a focus on positive change in knowledge and skills, but unlike training where the emphasis is usually on well-organized, short-term learning opportunities with specific, immediate outcomes, development centers on more gradual, less-structured, experience-based learning over time. While the approach of development is more long-term than that of training, the objectives of both disciplines need to be specific and based on accepted, recognized performance improvement needs. Developmental programs are sometimes better suited to changing attitudes than training because they can leverage the advantages that time, experience and exposure to organizational culture can convey.   Effective development methods include coaching, internships, participation in teams and mentoring.

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