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Glossary of Performance Terminology

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Data that has been organized for meaning in some context. 


Information Age 

A term that describes the current focus of the global economy toward the application and manipulation of

information as opposed to a focus on the production of physical goods (industrial age). 


Information Technology (IT) 

Discipline utilizing computer-based systems to acquire, store, process transmit and retrieve information



The application of information, imagination and initiative for the creation, development and implementation

of new or improved products, processes or services of value to organizations and their customers.                           



A keen observation, perception or understanding.
An activity that imparts knowledge or skill.
Intellectual (Adj)  

Pertaining to the capacity for knowledge, understanding, rational thought or inference.

Intellectual Capital   
The knowledge assets possessed by an organization which it can use to competitive advantage. These
include tangible intellectual property assets such as proprietary reports, libraries, patents, copyrights, licenses
as well as intangible assets represented by the knowledge employees have about processes, products, customers
and competitors which are often referred to as human capital.                                    
Intellectual Property 
An organization's legal rights to ideas, designs and inventions such as patents, copyrights, trademarks and
proprietary processes.
A training technique in which an individual, often a student, works (usually with little or no pay) under the 
supervision of a skilled practitioner to gain experience in a specific field.
Any planned developmental action by a change agent.
Internal Motivation 
Motivation arising from an individual's unobservable internal desires for the satisfaction and fulfillment of specific
needs (see needs theory).  Also known as personal or intrinsic motivation.


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