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Glossary of Performance Terminology

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A comprehensive purpose or vision an individual or organization expects to achieve within a specified 
timeframe; usually consisting of the accomplishment of a number of subordinate goals.
On The Job Training (OJT)  
Worker training that takes place during the execution of normal employee responsibilities, usually
facilitated by a professional trainer or experienced employee and supported by formal training initiatives. 
Open Door Management Policy (ODM)    
A management philosophy that provides all employees the opportunity to participate in making management 
Open-Door Communication Policy 
A management practice characterized by a policy in which employees are permitted direct access to
senior executives without having to go through formalized lines of authority.



The management discipline that deals with the efficient arrangement and coordination of the resources

necessary to achieve planned organizational goals and objectives.                                          

Organizational Behavior                    
The impact of the actions and attitudes of individuals and groups toward one another and toward the
organization as a whole, on the organization's overall performance.
Organizational Culture        
See corporate culture. 
Organizational Chart           
A visual representation of how an organization structures lines of authority, responsibility and communication
in which  power typically flows downwards and accountability flows upwards.
Organization Development                     
An educational discipline involving the theory and practice of employing behavioral science knowledge in a
system-wide approach to improving organizational effectiveness through the creation, improvement and
reinforcement of appropriate strategies, structures and processes. 
Organizational Learning (OL)                    
An organization-wide continuous process aimed at enhancing an its capability to apply knowledge through 
systemic integration for continual performance improvement (see knowledge management). 
Organizational Performance Input                   
An element or factor existing within an organization's structure that has an impact on an individual's
performance level.
Organizational Structure     
The manner in which the people, functions, systems and processes of an organization are assembled and


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