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Glossary of Performance Terminology

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Observable and measurable personal actions and reactions driven by a person's conscious and sub-conscious
thoughts, motives, attitudes and feelings.                           


Behavioral Coaching (Behavioral-based Coaching)                              

A coaching style within the domain of performance coaching that utilizes a specific coaching model and incorporates

a structured methodology that relies heavily on the behavioral sciences . Also known as evidence-based



Behavioral Science 
The study of human behavior, generally encompassing the disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology,
economics, politics science and history.
An acceptance or confidence that a thing is true or real—a mental conviction. 
The comparison of similar processes across different organizations to measure outcomes, identify best practices
and set performance targets. 
Best Practice  
The most effective and efficient approach for a particular organization for achieving an objective or accomplishing
a task, usually determined through the process of benchmarking.   


Blended Learning 

A blending of different learning environments.     


Business Coaching
A coaching discipline that focuses on enhancing and refining the performance of key functions and activities that are
central to an organization achieving desired business results.


Business Strategy
Concept describing the effective application of business resources for the purpose of outperforming competition. 


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