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Glossary of Performance Terminology

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The potential to apply information for some purpose. It represents the intellectual framework supporting a 
person’s performance
Knowledge (Explicit) 
Formal knowledge that can be put into words, stored on a database and easily shared with others.
Knowledge (Tacit)  
Practical know-how that one acquires informally on the job or in everyday situations rather than through formal
instruction, which is often difficult to put into words or convey to others.
Knowledge Management
A discipline that focuses on techniques to create, capture, share and retain channels through which
knowledge is created, distributed and used to achieve organizational objectives. Knowledge management
is a process aimed at enabling an organization to optimize its application of intellectual capital.     
Knowledge Transfer  
The process of transferring knowledge from one part pf an organization to other parts of the organization.
Knowledge transfer seeks to organize, create, capture or distribute knowledge and ensure its availability for
future users.  It is coinsidered to be more than simply a communication issue.                                       
Knowledge Worker  
A worker who is valued for his or her ability to acquire, analyze, understand and apply information in a
specific subject area, as opposed to workers engaged in the production of goods and services.


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