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Glossary of Performance Terminology

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The science dealing with the principles and practices of teaching and learning.  The accumulation of learning. The
process through which learning is achieved. The physical or social context in which a a person, group or
organization functions.                                



The physical or social context in which a person, group or organization functions.


Environmental Performance Input

An element or factor existing within a person's living or working environment that has an impact on an individual's

performance level.

The determination of worth, value or merit of something.  A learning evaluation is a method or procedure that is used
to measure the cost effectiveness of a learning initiative.  
Evidence-Based Coaching
Explicit Knowledge                          

Formal knowledge that can be put into words, stored on a database and easily shared with others. 


Experiential Learning          

A learning method in which a participant learns through direct, first hand, hands-on involvement (experience) with

the subject matter.  It is learning acquired through reflection and meaning-making from direct participation in events

as opposed to a formal didactic approach.


External Motivation                              

Motivation arising from a person's response to external factors or circumstances existing within an individual's

environment. Also known as extrinsic motivation.


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