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"Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it, it is what the client or customer gets out of  it." -

 Peter Drucker

Developing Customer Loyalty

Most buying decisions are not based on need, but rather on emotion.  Developing and maintaining positive emotional "points of connection" with customers is critical in keeping and expanding customer loyalty.  The value of loyal customers is that they always return, they spread good will about an organization through positive word of mouth advertising, they are often willing to pay a premium price for products and services, and when mistakes happen, they are generally more forgiving. Customer Loyalty goes beyond the concept of customer service to address the role of relationships in developing customer loyalty to a particular product, person or business. 


The Symbiont Customer Loyalty program focuses on the importance of the key relationship elements of the customer interaction process and on how to turn them into consistently positive emotional outcomes for customers. Participants learn how to effectively manage the barrage of emotional factors that pervade customer interactions as well as their own emotions in order to maximize customer loyalty.  The result is both increased customer retention as well as increased share of customer spending dollars.  Developing customer loyalty is becoming increasingly more important in today's highly competitive marketplace.  Measurable results of Developing Customer Loyalty include:

  • Understanding the importance of customer loyalty to organizational productivity and profits
  • Learning how to recognize key points of connection with customers
  • Learning how to develop positive emotional connection with customers at all points of connection
  • Learning how to help workers manage their emotions 
  • Learning how to measure customer loyalty in an organization 
  • Learning how to get employees to embrace customer loyalty concepts

Critical issues addressed in the Developing Customer Loyalty coaching program include:

  • Understanding what customers really want
  • The identification of key emotional contact points
  • The importance of empathy 
  • The importance of effective listening
  • The effective management of emotions in the customer interaction process
  • The effective management of stress and impulses
  • Developing goals for positive behavioral change
  • Developing trust with the customer
  • Creating a powerful customer connection

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