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Some good reasons for choosing Symbiont as your "performance consulting" partner?

    We employ a collaborative approach to solving performance improvement issues,
    which combines our specialized consulting expertise with clients' unique knowledge
    of operation and process to produce improved business results.   


   We utilize a perfromance improvement model that focuses on an organization's
    strategy and processes as well as its people as the causes of performance
    deficiences often lie outside of the realm of worker knowledge, skills and attitudes.    


   Our performance consulting expertise can offer valueable insights in distinguishing

    whether your organizations performance issues require training or some other

    performance improvement solution. 


   We focus extensively on the role of effective intra-organizational communication

    on organizational performance, especially the impact of objective performance 

     feedback practices.  We believe that supervisor performance management 

    capabilities (i.e., coaching) are often a critical component for achieving

    sustained business results.        


   We offer extensive diagnostic expertise in identifying the root causes of sub-standard

   performance (i.e., whether they be the result of performance-impeding personal 

   performance inputs or organizational performance inputs). 


  Our performance improvement initiatives include built-in return on investment

   evaluation components.


  We will seamlessly partner with your in house HR/Training people to arrive at

   the optimal cost effective solution to your performance improvement needs.


Please contact us for details about our performance consulting capabilities and to request a no obligation performance consultiung needs assessment. Phone: 860-283-9963 |



Symbiont Performance Group, Inc.

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