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Our Services

Performance Consulting

Performance consulting focuses on helping organizations identify and overcome performance challenges that stand in the path of desired business results.   Our approach at Symbiont Performance Group is to help clients successfully identify the critical gaps that exist between current and desired performance outcomes along with the reasons for those gaps, and to offer targeted solutions to help close them. A key element of performance consulting is helping organizations improve productivity by strategically linking the personal needs and aspirations of its individual workers to the attainment of desired organizational results. Performance consulting is not simply about improving workers’ knowledge and skills. Rather, it looks at the entire range of organizational functions that impact individual worker performance.  more about Symbiont Performance Consulting

Training & Development

Training and development encompasses a wide range of disciplines centering on the development of people's knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to generate individual proficiency in current and future areas of responsibility. Training and development focuses on the creation and implementation of comprehensive initiatives to provide workers with the essential abilities to perform their work responsibilities.  It encompasses elements dealing with needs analysis, competency development, curriculum design, content delivery and learning assessment as well as coaching, mentoring and experiential learning techniques.  At Symbiont Performance Group we offer the capability to create and deliver customized, cost-effective training programs designed to transform learning into measurable individual performance improvement.  We view learning not as an event, but rather, as a continuing process aligned with organizational vision and directed towards attaining and exceeding business objectives.  Our capabilities include expertise and resources in both on-site and distance learning formats as well as instructor-led and learner-directed approaches.   more about Symbiont Training & Development
Business Coaching

Symbiont Performance Group business coaching services include  working with individuals and teams within small and medium size organizations to help them enhance and refine the effectiveness of key functions and activities that are central to achieving desired business results. Business coaching differs from training in that it focuses on improving the effectiveness of existing organizational roles and functions rather than on the creation and development of the basic foundational knowledge and skills required in a specific area of expertise.  As with sports coaching, business coaching helps clients build on the business knowledge and skills that are already in place by providing support and advice to elevate individual performance to higher levels that result in enhanced overall organizational productivity. 
Business coaching initiatives can be delivered in a number of formats including one-on-one interactions, team sessions and group workshops and have been shown to be of significant benefit to individuals at all levels of an organization. Please visit more about Symbiont Business Coaching to learn about our current offerings in this area.
Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is a powerful, highly-tuned process of interpersonal communication and problem-solving.  It begins by asking provocative questions that raise people’s goals and aspirations—questions that focus on aspects such as current unintended results, ways an individual may be contributing to the unintended results and ways to looks at things differently.  It involves changing the way people think, thereby increasing their ability to deal more effectively with clarifying ambiguity and helping them become more creative and reflective. Within the Symbiont Performance Group coaching environment, clients learn ways to uncover their deepest desires, identify their strengths and unmask the constraints that have previously held them back.  They are then in the position to create the "right actions" to achieve their life goals. In simplest terms, "right action" is “doing what works.” Right Action exists when the right people are doing the right things in the right way at the right time for the right reasons to achieve the right results. more about Symbiont Transformational Coaching 


Self-leadership pertains to a person’s willingness and ability to take personal responsibility for developing his or her individual potential.  The effectiveness of people’s self-leadership attitudes and behaviors determines not only their own satisfaction and happiness in life, but in large measure, also that of their families, the organizations they belong to, the communities they live in and potentially, even the world.  Although everyone has the potential to be an effective self-leader, a relatively small number of people fully develop this ability in life.  As result, most people never really experience the thrill of significant accomplishment and the satisfaction of becoming the best they can be. The Symbiont Performance Group Self-Leadership program provides a simple vehicle for identifying one’s innermost life desires and an effective vehicle for dramatically increasing one’s probability of achieving them. more about the rewards of Symbiont Self-leadership.  

Please contact us for details about our performance improvement capabilities and to request a no obligation performance needs assessment worksheet  860-283-9963 |



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